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Anton Rangardt:
+49 (0) 152 556 168 31

Silver Car, the third single from The Flavians’ upcoming album 'Ordinary People in an Ordinary World', is a coming of age story about a reckless teenage girl and the precarious relationship between her worried family, her friends and the angel and devil which sit on her shoulders. With the lyrics written from the perspectives of different characters, the chorus highlights her internal struggle as the previously received advice ‘don’t ask questions that you know, you don’t want to know the answers for’, echos around in her head while she is driven away into the night by a questionable stranger.


Recorded at TRIXX Studios, mixed by Robbie Moore (Jesper Munk, LA Salami) of Impression Recordings in Berlin and mastered by Rupert Clearvaux in London, the band continue to explore their sound by creatively using live spaces with natural reverbs and vintage gear from different decades. Giving a nod to the nostalgic sounds of the past, Silver Car shows that they also have their feet firmly in the present.


'Ordinary People in an Ordinary World' is a concept imagined by the band to tell true (and sometimes not so true) stories that reflect on the absurdity of modern life. Touching on subjects like mental illness, alienation and the daily grind of a 9 to 5, they tread the path between the surreal and the mundane while staying true to themselves and writing accessible, melodic, yet experimental songs inspired by bands like Foxygen, The Go-Betweens and The Beatles.


After migrating to Berlin from The UK, Sweden and The Czech Republic and quickly bonding over a mutual appreciation of cheap alcohol, the sounds of the 60s, and a shared love of Berlin's diverse music scene, the band have been busy playing packed out shows in their adoptive hometown, tallying up over 200,000 Spotify streams and have had 60+ features on radio stations around the world. With festivals and shows already confirmed in The UK, Germany and Scandinavia, 2019 is shaping up to be a busy year for the group as they take off on their debut tour through Germany already in March.







Photos by: Jesper Söderlund

Photo by: Eline J Duijsens

Photo by: Ronald Schneidert

'Why are we playing them on BBC Introducing in the west? Because I like the guitar and vocals of Liam Blomqvist, the drums of Joakim Jägerhult, the keys and vocals of Anna Vaverkóva but even more so I like the bass and vocals of Glastonbury resident Thomas Wills.'  - Sam Bonham at BBC Introducing in the West

The Flavians - Silver Car (Official Music Video)

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